Industrial Gases

Compressed Gas for Your Commercial, Industrial or Residential Needs

Huronia Welding is the place to go if you need compressed gas. Whether you run a welding shop, bar, farm, school, manufacturing facility or any other business that uses compressed gas, we supply high grade gases at competitive prices. Our gases are available at any of our 80+ depots throughout Southwestern Ontario or our distribution centre in Goderich. Safety, customer service and on time delivery are our top priorities. Rest assured that gases available from us come in clean and leak-free cylinders. They are handled by our highly trained and certified staff to ensure you receive them on-time.

Gases We Carry


Acetylene is a very commonly used “fuel” gas. When combined with Oxygen, it is used for ferrous metal cutting and heating. Acetylene cylinders must always be secured upright and withdrawal rates should never exceed the cylinder specifications.

This inert gas is commonly mixed with other gases to be used as a shielding gas. 

Beer Gas
Otherwise known as 70/30 gas or G-Mix, this mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide is used to dispense nitrogen-infused beverages like Guinness Stout. As one of its alternative names implies, it is composed of 70% nitrogen and 30% carbon dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide
This gas has a multitude of commercial uses, from paintball guns, to carbonated water at home to carbonating drinks at restaurants. We also stock cylinders of CO2 for industrial applications such as blasting molds.


An Alternative to Acetylene, Flamex is a lower combustion gas utilized by certain industries. Flamex is hotter than propane. Available on request.

This gas is commonly used as a shielding gas for MIG and TIG welding. Our store can provide you this compressed gas whenever you need it.

Huronia stocks various sizes and mixes of MIG Shielding gases for a variety of materials. Sizes include: 25 cu.ft. 40 cu.ft. 80 cu.ft. 125 cu.ft. 150 cu.ft. 300 cu.ft. and 4500 PSI HP (577 cu.ft.). Standard and custom blends are available. 

Nitrogen is an inert gas that makes up 78% of our atmosphere. It’s inert qualities make it ideal at preventing oxidation and combustion. It’s commonly used as a freezing media in it’s liquid state. Available in a variety of sizes in aluminum and steel cylinders.

Our company offers compressed oxygen gas in a variety of purities and concentrations. Compressed oxygen can be used for medical purposes, as well as high-grade fuel for welding equipment.

We supply 20lbs, 30lbs, 33lbs, 40lbs and 100lbs propane cylinders to campgrounds and business. Customers are also welcome to visit us at our Goderich facility where they can have their tanks filled from our propane dispenser. We also fill propane powered vehicles and R.V. tanks.

Specialty Gases 

A wide range of specialty gases are available from Huronia. Special applications, calibration gases, lab gases and special shielding mixed gases are also available!


We recycle 1,000s of cylinders every year. Reimbursement is available for specific types and sizes. Please contact us for more information about cylinder recycling. 

*We do not recycle cylinders with Freon, Chlorine, Helium or Spray Foam*